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  • Megan Watkins

10 Sustainable Brands at The Big Store

Earth Day is this Friday, April 22! Eco-friendly fashion is the movement within the clothing industry that strives to lower the environmental impact of apparel consumption and production, just like green, slow, and sustainable fashion. Brands that are eco-friendly use sustainable practices such as:

  • Using eco-friendly or recycled materials

  • Eco-friendly packaging

  • Production with green energy sources

  • And more!

It's more important than ever to change the fashion industry toward a more regenerative, circular, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible economy.

So, we've put together a list of 10 popular sustainable brands at The Big Store in support of Earth Day!


1. Patagonia

Patagonia knows that everything they make has an impact on the planet. They have chosen to make that impact positive to help the environment. Here's three ways they've chosen to positively impact:

  • Using organic and recycled materials

  • Mechanical and chemical recycling

  • Using renewable electricity


2. On

On Running Shoes wants to create sneakers that are comfortable, stylish and sustainable. Well, they've done it! They are always innovating new ways to practice sustainability in the creation of their shoes. Three of the practices they use are:

  • Using recycled materials

  • Eco-friendly packaging

  • Reshaping carbon waster into running shoes to avoid pollution and to move away from fossil-based materials


3. Aftco

Aftco has integrated sustainability practices into their operations to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Three of their integrated practices are:

  • Using recycled materials

  • Lowering carbon emissions

  • Contributing 10% of profits to organizations and causes working to protect the environment


4. Southern Tide

Southern Tide has committed itself to bringing a better lifestyle to all its customers. Three ways they are reducing their global footprint by:

  • Using environmentally friendly and ethically sourced materials, such as organic cotton

  • Choosing eco-friendly packaging

  • Vendors that are certified in sustainable manufacturing


5. Yeti

Yeti's slogan is "Keep the wild WILD." This is their slogan because sustainability plays into everything they do. Three of their sustainability practices include:

  • Creating reusable water bottles and cups, eliminating a large majority of single-use, plastic water bottles

  • Eco-friendly packaging

  • Using lower impact materials


6. Levis

Levi's uses sustainability to make better choices and creating a better environment. Here's three ways they are changing the game for good:

  • Creating a collection fully based on sustainability, Levi's Wellthread

  • Designing with recycled plastics

  • Making durable jeans to last longer


7. The North Face

The North Face strives to protect the places we all love to explore. They've committed themselves to creating a better world for future generations. They have a start to finish sustainability practice. Here's a three ways they do this:

  • Using responsibly sourced materials

  • Working with sustainable suppliers

  • Eco-friendly packaging


8. 7 For All Mankind

7 For All Mankind is on a journey to design beautiful but also sustainable products. This ongoing journey proves that even small steps have a great impact. Three of the ways they practice sustainability are:

  • Using organic and recycled materials

  • Eco-friendly manufacturers

  • Sending all shredded documents to be upcycled into paper products


9. Barbour

Barbour recognizes the importance of positively impacting the environment and have made a commitment to do so across their brand. Three ways they've committed to this are:

  • Reducing single-use plastic

  • Eco-friendly packaging

  • Sustainability certified


10. Hey Dudes

Hey Dude Shoes is committed to making better choices in all aspects to the benefit of their employees, retailers and customers. Three of the choices they've made are:

  • Eco-friendly packaging

  • Using organic and recycled materials

  • Creating a safe working environment


You can shop all of these sustainable brands and more at The Big Store!

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