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Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

To all of the early Christmas shoppers out there.... You know Christmas will be here sooner than you think, so it is the perfect time to start thinking about gifts for those special people in your life. And we know how hard it can be to come up with gift ideas. So, we've created lists for you of gifts ideas for each person you might be shopping for this year!

Our first list is gifts for the women in your life. Whether that is your Mom, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Girlfriend, In-Law or whoever they may be, we know they're special and you want to find the perfect gift!



Having a good athletic shoe to support those physical activities is important. However, it isn't all about the athletic performance in a shoe. She wants a shoe that won't only be her favorite shoe to work out in, but also a shoe that has style and can pull an everyday outfit together. As a leading retailer of running shoes, we recommend OnCloud Running shoes. It is an excellent choice when considering a comfortable and supportive shoe, but also a shoe that is stylish. There are so many colors and styles, and we can help you find the perfect on for her!


Yeti Cups

If Yeti Ramblers aren't on your Christmas shopping list, then grab your pen and add it! Yeti has a Rambler for everyone! Wine Tumblers for our wine drinkers, Slim Can Insulators for our beer and seltzer drinkers, Lowball Rambler for our coffee drinkers and big and small Tumblers for our, well, everything else drinkers! She's missing out on ice cold and pipping hot beverages that won't get warm or cold with their double-wall vacuum insulation. Also resisting dents and drops, dishwasher safe and available in multiple colors that won't chip or crack! This is a great gift this year, no matter who she is! Just stop in, pick out her favorite color and BAM! Best Christmas Ever!!!!


Barbour Jacket

A Barbour jacket is a fabulous gift for a woman who prioritizes both comfort and style. This jacket is perfect for those chilly winter days, and will last a lifetime. Coming in a variety of colors, you can chose her favorite to fit her style. You will have won Christmas, because it'll be her favorite gift this year!


Hey Dudes

If you’re asking yourself whether or not you should be adding a pair of the best-selling shoes to your Christmas shopping list, your answer is yes! Hey Dudes have easily become a staple in women’s wardrobes this year. They are slip-ons that feature a comfortable fit, ultra-light outsole, memory foam insole and are machine washable! A gift that will make her smile every time she puts them on!


Bogg Bags

Bogg Bags are the perfect Christmas gift! If you don't have one on your Christmas shopping list, what are you waiting for?! You will definitely be the favorite child with this gift, if you're buying for mom! It's washable, durable, stylish, customizable, and perfect for your next adventure! Each Baby Bogg Bag comes with one clear insert bag to keep smaller items in reach. Don't forget, you can make this gift twice as good by getting the BurrrBogg insert too, to turn this bag into a cooler in a snap!


Bogg Boozies

Bogg Beverage Buddy are sure to be a crowd pleaser this Christmas! The Bogg Bottom you know and love from the Bogg Bag is on the bottom of these koozies to keep them from falling over in the sand and feels great in your hand. Choose their favorite color and watch the smile on their face when they open of these this year!


Georgia Apparel

If she's a Dawgs Fan, how could you not want to get her something to cheer on her favorite team?! From t-shirts, to sweatshirts to this Columbia pullover hoodie, we have something that is perfect for her! Because seriously, you can never have enough Georgia apparel!



One of our wallets are these wallets-with-bangles. It has an O-ring bangle that makes it easy to carry around, a fold out card/ID holder and a top zipper closure. It's simple and perfect for those days when she doesn't want to lug around a whole purse. However, we have a selection of purses and larger wallets. It all depends on her taste and style, and we can help you find the right one for her!


Old Row

Old Row tees and sweatshirts are great for your High School and College Students! Even if they've already graduated! Their popularity has grown significantly over the years and are one of the biggest brands! Old Row is just a funny brand that encompasses life in and after college in the South. She will be wearing this gift during all seasons! The sweatshirts come in many different colors, like green, red, yellow and more!



Patagonia's have been one of the most asked for Christmas gifts for the last 5 years! How could it not?! They're soft, cozy and stylish. With so many colors, patterns and styles, you're sure to make her happy this Christmas with a Patagonia jacket or vest! Don't worry, when you're feeling overwhelmed trying to choose the perfect one for her, we'll be right there to help you find it!



Diamond may be a girls bestfriend but these cute earring are a close second. We have a wide selection of handcrafted jewelry to choose from that she is sure to love!


Gift Certificate

If you don't know what to get her, a gift certificate never hurts! Gift certificates are great gifts, because it's easy for you, and then she gets to go and choose exactly what she wants. It's basically a win-win situation! Get to The Big Store to get the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for Christmas this year!


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