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  • Madison Thornhill

Fixings for your Easter Basket

Can you guess the movie below? Spring is the perfect time to rewatch this Southern classic. With the Easter bunny hoppin' to town soon, it's time to fix those Easter baskets too.

And take it from us ... Easter baskets don't have an expiration age. Here's our suggestions for your Easter basket fixings for your guys and gals.

For the gals ...

The Basket: Bogg Bag

Make your Easter Basket functional and one you would use year-round. Bogg Bags have a variety of uses - from diaper bags, beach bags and more. Great for all ages and come in several sizes. Plus, our selection of Bogg Bags is on sale now!


Stuff your basket with chocolate and jewelry for your Easter darling. A fun and bright pair of earrings gives some sparkle to your basket.

A Floppy Hat

Every Easter Darling needs a big floppy, hat. A big floppy hat + a sundress is the perfect combo for spring. Plus, the hat can be used for your upcoming summer vacation plans.

Flip flops

Make sure the Easter bunny leaves some 'flops for those sunny, summer days ahead.

For the guys ...


Every guy loves a t-shirt to add to his collection. Give him a new spring tee to wear to his tee-time.


Swim, shorts, hats, t-shirts, button-ups, oh my! We love Chubbies at The Big Store.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Stay stylish and protected from UV rays. Shop our collection of Ray Ban sunnies.

Happy Easter from The Big Store. You don't have long to hunt for your Easter outfit - come see us for the best selection of men and women's clothing in Tifton and find a few things for your Easter baskets too.

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