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  • Madison Thornhill

What to Wear: Family Photos Edition

"We are taking family photos, and I need something to wear. Can you help me find something?" That's the question we've been hearing a lot lately in our store, and our answer is always "yes, absolutely!"

April showers bring May flowers ... and Mother's Day, and weddings, and graduations and a beautiful (and busy) season to capture your family in this moment in time.

As your expert clothier in children, men's and women's clothing for over 4 generations, we know how important it is to make memories, capture the moment and look good while doing it.

We were inspired to write this blog post thanks to customers like you, so keep reading for our favorite tips on what to wear for photos that will last a lifetime.

How did we do? Do you have a tip to add to this list? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to visit our store for daily new arrivals. We love seeing you and your family in your Big Store outfits. Make sure to tag us on socials. Hope to see you soon!

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