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"Does The Groom Have to Wear the Same Look as The Groomsmen?"

When deciding on wedding plans… the question “Does the groom have to wear the same look as the groomsmen?” has been a popular topic recently. As traditions go, you can look back at your parents wedding and they are wearing the same look. It creates a classy, clean and elegant feel.

Although, as far as we are concerned, traditions can always be changed to fit your style and preference! For a groom who wants to stand out we have a few tips on making that happen!

Different Suit Color

As we all know, the bride typically wears white and her bridesmaid wear a different color to match the scheme. Why is the groom any different?! This group is looking very stylish in a traditional black tuxedo while the groom is wearing a blue, velvet tuxedo.

We love this idea when considering your wedding attire. The trick is to find an accessory that is consistent throughout the group. For example, all men are wearing a black bowtie. The unique suit allows the groom to stand out but also look uniformed.

Same Color, Different Shade

This group of gentlemen are rocking a grey tuxedo while the groom is in a slightly darker grey. This is a wonderful idea for anyone who wants to keep a traditional look and feel but allow the groom to slightly distinguish himself.

We recommend keeping the look consistent with the accessories. You can do so with the tie style and color or pocket square. This ensemble is stylish, modern and has a traditional element to fit in with the look you are going for!

Mix & Match

A wedding suit or tuxedo is made of many pieces, and this is a great way to change up your grooms look while also creating a consistent ensemble among all your guys. In addition to the tie and pocket square, you can also consider vest and coat as an easy way to mix it up!

This group is wearing grey tuxedos but the groom is wearing a white coat in order to differentiate himself. However, all of them are wearing black vest underneath to create that consistent look we love and tie it together!


No matter what your style is The Big Store can help bring your vison to life. You can Build Your Tux or stop by our store and ask our experienced consultant any questions you may have!

Make sure to head over to the Formal Wear tab and check out a handful of wedding looks that are available for you wedding. Don’t forget we offer the option to Rent or Buy with a wide variety of designer choices to choose from!

Contact us today! (229) 382-6212 or visit our location in Tifton, Ga.

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