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Top 10 Easter Gifts

It's Easter Time!

One of the most exciting times for us as kids was when we knew an Easter basket would be waiting for us on a very special spring Sunday morning. It would be lined with plastic grass strands, loaded to the brim with decorated eggs, candy and other gifts, all tied with a bow. Breaking into the Easter presents and delicious sweets that the Easter bunny gives is one of the most thrilling moments of Easter morning.

If you want to keep the tradition going strong, this list of Easter gifts has something for everyone in the family.

Check out our 10 best Easter gift ideas at The Big Store!


1. Corkcicle Tumblers

If you haven't gotten a Corkcicle Tumbler yet, you need to! Corkcicle has a style for everyone! Wine Tumblers for our wine drinkers, Bottles for our sports fans, Tumblers for our, well, everything else drinkers! This is a great gift this year, for everyone's basket!


2. Ray Ban Sunglasses

Do we even have to say that sunglasses are the perfect gift!? The Big Store offers a variety of Ray Ban styles! This brand is polarized and offers so much style to you look! You can't go wrong with a pair of Ray Bans!


3. On Shoes

On Running Shoes make the perfect gift! Designed for soft landings & explosive take-offs. On Cloud technology allows for reduced muscle fatigue and a lower heart rate. With so many different styles available in store, you will find the perfect pair to stick in those Easter baskets!


4. Koozies

Koozies are a perfect and simple gift this Easter! Keeping those drinks cold is important in this warm weather! Stick on of these in their basket and see the smile on their face!


5. Bogg Bags

Who needs an Easter basket, when you can have an Easter Bogg Bag! Bogg Bags are the perfect gift! It's washable, durable, stylish, customizable, and perfect for your next adventure!


6. Hey Dude Shoes

If you’re asking yourself whether or not you should be adding a pair of Hey Dudes to someone's Easter Basket, your answer is yes! They are slip-ons that feature a comfortable fit, ultra-light outsole, memory foam insole and are machine washable! A gift this Easter!


7. Old Row Tees

Old Row tees are great for everyone! Their popularity has grown significantly over the years and are one of the biggest brands! Old Row is just a funny brand that encompasses life in and after college in the South.


8. Purses

Purses make the perfect gift for her Easter basket! We have a wide selection of cute, stylish purses she'll love to find in her basket! Our most popular brand being HOBO Bag like these!


9. Socks

Brown Dog makes the most fun socks! These socks will be an essential for those Easter baskets! The soft material and fun patterns make these the perfect gift!


10. Gift Certificates

If you don't know what to get, a gift certificate never hurts! Gift certificates are great gifts, because it's easy and will fit perfectly in anyone's Easter basket! It's basically a win-win situation!


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