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Fall Date Ideas

Fall is finally here and it's time to pull out that cool weather wardrobe!

Ladies, we have the ultimate list of date ideas for you and your significant other and the perfect outfits for you to wear!


Wine Tasting

What could be finer than a visit to a vineyard for some wine sampling! Tour the vineyard and make your selection from the drinks to taste. Take home a bottle to enjoy by yourselves. This snazzy date calls for a snazzy outfit! These plaid pants, and simple black turtle-neck is perfect for wine time! Oh, and let's not forget the hint of shimmer in the pants fabric!


Fall Festival

There are so many fun fall festivals. For an easy go-to fall date, pick one or a couple and explore them with your partner. You can check out huge, award-winning pumpkins at the county fair, or sample pies in a baking contest. There’s also plenty of opportunity to play a game, and maybe win a prize!

A date to fall festival calls for a sweater, a good pair of jeans and some booties. Especially when it's an animal print or a turtle-neck sweater! We have so many different sweaters and booties to chose from! And don't forget the accessories!


State or County Fair

The fall season calls for the fair! A date to the State or County Fair can be so much fun! Walk around, look at the animals, show off your throwing skills and win a prize or kiss on top of the ferris wheel. Oh, and you can't forget the fair foods!

A trip to the fair means lots of walking and rides! So, make sure you go with a cute, comfortable outfit and some stylish sneakers.



Bonfires are such a fun thing to do with friends and your significant other, or just the two of you. Being around a crackling fire always makes you feel warm and festive. S’mores optional, but they definitely cap off a lovely fall date.

A cozy sweater and booties is the perfect bonfire outfit!


Haunted House

Nothing brings people closer like shared fear. A date to a haunted house means you will hold hands and scream together. How romantic! If you like a good scare, this date is perfect for you!

A cute knit top, skinny jeans and a pair of booties is your go to outfit for getting your scream on! Cover up with a jacket or cardigan for the spooky chill you'll get in the haunted house, not to mention the cool fall breeze outside!


Pumpkin Picking

You can't go wrong with the classic. Take a trip to a pumpkin patch and pick out the biggest pumpkins you can find. When you get home you can carve the pumpkins together! Pumpkin picking and flannel are the perfect combination!


Georgia Football Game

For a fun Saturday date, you can attend a UGA football game! Cheer on the Dawgs in Athens, or on a weekend getaway for an away game! This is one of those cute date ideas you see in movies, but it’s just as wonderful in real life! Or, you can always stay home and watch the game with friends! But, don't forget the drinks and snacks!

If you aren't the type to dress up super cute for the game, that's perfect too! Just a Georgia tee, a pair of skinny jeans and some stylish sneakers is the way to go for a fall game! When staying in to watch the game, a pair of leggings, UGA hoodie and some high-top sneakers is is cute and comfy!



Whether you go to a fancy restaurant, a diner, or just your favorite fast food place, it can be the perfect way to spend time together! If you don't want to go out, get in the kitchen together an cook a meal! There are so many fall recipes to make!

A nice sweater or jacket is the perfect dinner outfit! You can dress it up or dress it down depending on your plans. With a cute pair of skinny jeans and some mules, you can be stylish for your dinner date!


Coffee Date

It's finally pumpkin spice season go visit your local coffee shop. Coffee dates are a great way for you and your partner to just talk. Even if you are not a pumpkin spice type of person, this is still the perfect date, and a great excuse for a sweater!


Fall Treats

Want to do something that’s crafty, delicious, and romantic? Make your own fall treats together. This is a great stay-at-home date idea! Treats like, caramel or candy apples, pumpkin or apple pie, or brownies and ice cream!

We have a large selection of cozy lounge wear, perfect for a fall date in! From jogger sets, to leggings and t-shirts, to shorts and sweatshirts. We've got you covered for a lazy date!

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