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Thanksgiving Day Food and Fits

Thanksgiving Day is a popular holiday for family, friends, good food, and great outfits! Although Thanksgiving is all about happiness and being thankful, it can be stressful to create your menu and pick an outfit. We know everyone has their own style for their Thanksgiving menu and their outfits!

So, we've taken our 10 most favorite Thanksgiving menu items and created outfits to help you be a little less stressed this year, so you can focus on being happy and thankful!



We all know that turkey is the main dish of the day! The only problem is choosing between the light meat and the dark meat! Our Solution: just get both!

Did you know that turkey can boost your serotonin levels?! No wonder everyone is feeling full, happy, and sleepy after their Thanksgiving feast!

We've paired this "light meat" colored mock-neck sweater and "dark meat" colored combat boots for the perfect Thanksgiving outfit!



Most people think it's all about the turkey, but some people actually prefer ham over turkey. We say, why not both?! Ham and turkey make a great pair for leading the meal!

So, to go with our turkey themed fit, we've taken this "ham" colored, two-toned sweater and paired it with some black booties and distressed blue jeans. Simple, yet sweet for Thanksgiving dinner, just like the ham!



Stuffing can make or break your Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone seems to have a secret recipe. Stuffing, is mostly bread, maybe that's why everyone loves it so much!

We used our secret recipe to put together this outfit! A "stuffing" colored, shimmering sweater with white sneakers and cute blue jeans. You'll be scooping in style!


Green Bean Casserole

The beans, the cream of mushroom soup, the crunchy onions. Mmm …can’t you just taste it? It’s no surprise that green bean casserole made our top ten favorite Thanksgiving foods list.

How could we not go with an all-green fit?! This 3-piece "green bean" colored set is the perfect comfy outfit for your Thanksgiving Day with the family! Paired with some cute sneakers, you're sure to be comfortable and stylish this year.


Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

It’s a safe bet that mashed potatoes are always a favorite at Thanksgiving. Whether you like yours smooth or lumpy, we know there will still be some on your plate. And you can’t have your mashed potatoes without the gravy! The yummiest combination for any Thanksgiving meal!

This combination of a "mashed potato" colored V-neck sweater and "gravy" colored booties and hat will be the favorite this Thanksgiving, just like the mashed potatoes and gravy!


Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potatoes help add a little sweetness to the traditional savory Thanksgiving dinner. Typically topped with marshmallows and a sugary oat crumble! This is why they fall into our top ten favorite Thanksgiving foods! Or is it the marshmallows? We’ll let you decide.

These "sweet potato" colored pants and "marshmallow" colored top makes the perfect Thanksgiving Day fit! Paired with gold-speck heeled mules and gold jewelry.


Cranberry Sauce

Whether you make your own cranberry sauce or buy it from the store, this sweet, red garnish is still delicious. No wonder it ended up on our top ten favorite Thanksgiving foods list!

We've paired these "cranberry" colored leather bottoms with a puffy sleeved white sweater and black heeled mules! This outfit is sure to WOW the whole family this year!


Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food. That’s why it’s made its way to the top ten favorites of our Thanksgiving foods list.

Throw on this favorite "mac and cheese" colored sweater and grab a few scopes of mac and cheese! Paired with black booties.



Of course, we can't forget the humble rolls! Don't you just love a good dinner roll? Light, airy and that wonderful buttery smell. They are essential to pair with any Thanksgiving meal, especially for us Southerners!

We've taken this 2-piece "roll" colored sweater set and paired it with a pair of "toasted" colored booties and some ripped skinny jeans.


Pumpkin Pie

How could we pass up on tradition?! Pumpkin is the symbol of harvest time, so why not turn it into something sweet and yummy for the most important part of any Thanksgiving meal... Dessert! Topped with a spoonful of Cool Whip, it's sure to end the show!

A "pumpkin pie" colored ruffled sweater and "cool whip" colored sneakers, will be the outfit that ends the show this Thanksgiving! So, grab this sweater, from The Big Store and eat 1, or 2, slices of pumpkin pie!


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